Aydin Uzmez

Hello everyone,

Today, I going to show you how to see your game library on Epic Games Launcher. you probably installed Unreal Engine firstly then you want to play a game but you can’t see any game library. don’t worry you don’t need any other software. just your library was hidden. let’s jump to solve

Open Epic Games Launcher:

Now we can’t see any game library something like that in the Launcher. we have a solve

Click “Settings” :



Hello Coder who love animation

Today, I going to share to you how to restrict -+Y axis of movement . Actually this content is pretty easy but sometimes we feel like drank a lot of alcohol and don’t understand anything so lets jump below :)

Only, you have to know Mathf.Clamp(value,min,max). all of other is completely same.

void Update () {
float rotY = Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y");
Quaternion camera_rotation = camera.GetComponent<Transform>().localRotation;camera_rotation *= Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(-rotY, 0, 0));
camera_rotation.x = Mathf.Clamp(camera_rotation.x, -0.3f, 0.3f);
camera.GetComponent<Transform>().localRotation = camera_rotation;

What do we do?

we add variable from main camera to called camera_rotation. we restrict y axis and finally we override to camera

thats it.